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There is a talented cook in most of us; you just need to let it out! Some people might not have flare when it comes to the kitchen whereas others might be star chefs with a keen eye for detail. Regardless of this, healthy food is the most important thing next to oxygen and water. Many people have food intolerances, likes, dislikes and nutrition and calorie requirements that add further complexity to the topic of food. For this reason, it is understandable that one recipe can’t suit everyone.

Cooking shows have certainly raised a lot of awareness in recent times, so why not start your own cooking to suit your health, your likes and your lifestyle?

Learn the suitability of your own food by having an assessment done with the help of this YouTube video, the Dr. Balance Kris’s Story, and our App “Dr. Balance” (Android and IPhone).

You and only you have the ability to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. No one else can act for you. And by doing this, you can also help to prevent lifestyle related health problems. Get professional help if you need it.


LET US BALANCE OUR LIFESTYLE (LUBOL) is a team-based program to balance your lifestyle. Using healthy talks and the Pocket Health Diary helps us maintain a healthy weight to contain Preventable lifestyle related health Problems and health care costs. Your body is your most precious possession.

With health care costs rising more and more by the year, this is certainly beneficial for more reasons than one.


The challenge of CHANGE. How to start?.

Start at an individual level with you! - Like Kris in ‘DR Balance Kris Story’.

ACT NOW. Watch Kris’s Story on this short video. Is this your story too?





Just as one size can't fit all, one recipe can't suit all. We are trying to help people to know about their food,mood,own cooking and lifestyle.

Keep on sharing your cooking....

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